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Hydroponic Growing System's

Take a look below at our hydroponic system. If you need to buy a commercial hydroponic system, you will find we have what you need. For a closer look at any of our hydroponic growing systems, simply click on a picture below.
Aloha and welcome to Hydrogardenshop Commercial Hydroponic Tower Systems. Here you can order that organic hydroponic commercial system that you need for your own organic hydroponic business. 

The stacks should be spaced at about 52" to 60" on center

A 50 stack system would be best set up 2 rows long with offset spacing. The rows should be spaced 60" on center or more to allow easy access between the rows. So this type of configuration would be about 100' long and about 10' wide. It could also be 3 or 4 rows wide if that is too much length. A 100 stack system would work well 4 rows wide making it 100' long and about 24' wide. As the commercial systems are quiet large and palletized for shipping, we can usually find better shipping rates through a trucking broker. Contact me for the most up to date pricing and shipping available, So please call me 870-239-2383.

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Hydrogardenshop 200 commercial stack systemHydrogardenshop 200 commercial stack systemHydrogardenshop Organic Hydroponic Commercial Systems increase growing area and yields. Quality & yield with reduced labor. A great way to start a business or Sell more... Herb's, fruits and vegetables.
1 pallet (240) Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Stackable Pots1 pallet (240) Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Stackable PotsWith a pallet of Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Stackable pots you could get really creative.
10 Pallet Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Pots10 Pallet Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic PotsAloha HydrogardenShop Hydroponic Pots 10 Pallets (240) per pallet
Equipment Financing with Centra Leasing.

Equipment Financing with Centra Leasing.

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