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Vertical Hydroponic Growing Systems

If you need to buy a vertical hydroponic system, you will find we have what you need. Take a look at our links below and find the hydroponic grow systems that best suit your needs.
Aloha at Hydrogardenshop home systems, you can create your own tower system. Just call me for the most up to date pricing available, 870-239-2383. Mahalo Beth
Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic potsHydrogardenshop Hydroponic potsHydrogardenshop Hydroponic Pots are Stackable,each has 6 Growing Pockets. They come in (White ).
Hydrogardenshop Double Stack Automatic SystemHydrogardenshop  Double Stack Automatic SystemHydrogardenshop double stack system has 60 organic hydroponic pockets.Thats 2 stacks of 5 pots each.Fully automatic.
Hydrogardenshop triple stack automatic systemHydrogardenshop  triple stack automatic systemThe triple stack Hydrogardenshop system includes everything you'll need for your organic hydroponic growing needs, with (90) growing pockets. Fully automatic. Special hydroponic design, durable, stackable pots, organic growing media & organic fertilizer.
Hydrogardenshop Organic Hydroponic 10 Stack Automatic SystemHydrogardenshop Organic Hydroponic 10 Stack Automatic SystemHydrogardenshop Hydroponic 10 stack Automatic System is a great to start your organic hydroponic business.
1 pallet (240) Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Stackable Pots1 pallet (240) Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Stackable PotsWith a pallet of Hydrogardenshop Hydroponic Stackable pots you could get really creative.
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